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- Lia Danicska

On1 Fitness Personal Trainer
Lia Danicska

Lia Danicska

Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer
2 Years ago during the first lockdown I took a look in the mirror and did not like what was looking back at me. That one defining moment was the start of my fitness career. I made contact with Optimum Performance and started studying for my Level 3 in personal training. I used my learnings to transform my own lifestyle and shredded over 20kg. This alone lead to me having improved focus and energy and I couldn't believe how good I felt. I have always loved people and the inspiring interactions you can have so i turned what became my passion into my full time life style and became a personal trainer at On1Fitness. Whilst my experience might only seem limited at just 2 years - I feel the exact opposite and know I bring a new freshness and modern twist to my customers programs and have the very best and up to date knowledge. I would describe my personality as bubbly and easy going. you'll never need to worry about making conversation with me :) Cant wait to meet you on the gym floor

A bit about me ❤️
I am a Vegetarian

I’m originally from Hungary

I love playing badminton

I have a baby Tortoise called Toby

I am obsessed with star wars

I cycle absolutely everywhere

2 years ago i started my fitness journey and have lost over 20kg