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- Kez Betsworth

On1 Fitness Personal Trainer
Kez Betsworth

Kez Betsworth

Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer
Fitness isn't about just going to the gym and dieting, it's about so much more. The experiences you have, the friends you make and the overall experience will not only bring you confidence and appreciation for healthy active living, but making a habit of healthy lifestyle and nutritional choices will help prevent your future self from disease, increase your energy, and overall bring you a happier, healthier and virtuous life.

10 things about me:

  1. I regularly intermittent fast
  2. I have three gorgeous children that mean the world to me
  3. My favourite hobby is playing my guitar and singing
  4. Mobility training has recently become one of my favourite types of exercise
  5. I lived in Canada for twelve years, so you may catch the odd Canadian slang
  6. I absolutely love Lord of the rings
  7. Peanut butter is one of my favourite foods ever
  8. I enjoy beating very challenging games on the PlayStation
  9. Love playing the Switch and Mario games with my children
  10. I have been regularly training since I was sixteen years old



Career History:


2011 – 2014

Qualified as a Personal trainer and started my fitness career at Ocean Fitness gym in Worthing. I built an impressive client base inside and outside the gym, taught regular circuits and boot camp classes, and used this time to expand my knowledge in fitness and nutrition, and built the confidence I have today in the gym and leisure industry.


2014 – 2019

Worked at Southdowns leisure as a Personal trainer and fitness instructor across sites. I eventually split this role with a Duty officer position at Field place and covered supervisors at the leisure centre and Davisons. Over my time there, I was awarded Fitness instructor of the year, and followed the year after winning the Personal Trainer of the year award.