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The middle age spread had firmly started to set in and I was becoming more and more self conscious of my growing body.

I made the decision to get fit. In January 2018 I started with a weekly spin class at Ocean Fitness. Very hard to start with but as the weeks went on I got more and more addicted to it. I was getting the bug.

I then met Matt the PT there and decided to sign up for some 121 sessions. Part of this was to take a fitness age test. Although my overall fitness age was 41 my body was at the age of a 69 year old with nearly 25% body fat.

That really shocked me.






Before and After

With weekly spin classes, Rabble session and also being out on my bike most weeks the weight fell off and the fat started to disappear. To an extent that within 3 months my body fat had reduced by 6% and weight by over a stone.












Once I had got to my optimum weight and body fat percentage, Matt then altered my program to concentrate on strength and toning. This has also made a massive change to my body with muscle build and body shape changing.
I continue to keep fit now and am hitting so many goals. I feel in such a great place physically and mentally.
Matt really has been the driving force behind this. His programs, diet tips, constant encouragement really has been amazing and I

“couldn’t have done this alone”



April 3, 2020


I started personal training with Matt in 2017 after an injury derailed my health.

Since I’ve been working out with Matt, I’ve not only improved my fitness, but my confidence and enjoyment of life have increased too.

I’m stronger, fitter and more flexible, as well as being more active in general. It’s setting a great example for my son –



I’m confident he’ll grow up to value the importance of being active and taking care of yourself. Last year I couldn’t keep up with his energetic games, but this year I’m winning races, jumping about with him at parties and chasing him around the playground!


As a trainer, Matt is inventive and always coming up with new workouts and themes. I start each session eager and curious to know what he’s got planned, and while I might complain about all the burpees and wall-sits, I enjoy them really! As well as being a great mixture of drill sergeant and cheerleader (“Come on Alice, no quitting today!”), Matt is able to tweak workouts on the spot, whether that’s to switch things up to target a different area if you’re sore, or suggest a less intense version when you’re contemplating giving up completely…

Personal training can be hard work but let’s face it – if you’re anything like me, you’ll end the PT session looking like a tomato and thinking,

“That was so worth it!”

March 16, 2020


Chris is a great personal trainer who has expert knowledge and supportive client-care.
I started one-to-one FitVibe training with Chris to help me lose weight and to become physically healthier.

I was impressed with the weight loss and body measurement results after a couple of months. I like that my program is tailored to my specific needs as well as getting an all body workout.


Chris is friendly, and makes the workout sessions fun with diverse intense exercises; it’s definitely not boring! He’s taught me the importance of correct exercise technique. Chris is genuinely interested in helping others to achieve their targets; the encouragement and motivation he gives me to push harder and train past my comfort level has made me achieve what I thought was impossible.
Chris has helped me to improve my diet and eating lifestyle, as well as positively changing my attitude about exercising.

“I would definitely recommend Chris to anyone”

February 25, 2020


FitVibe class with Chris is one of the most challenging exercises I’ve ever done.
I’ve started weak and build up my muscles and stamina. Every week I can see and feel improvements.
Exercise I wasn’t able to do month ago seems easy to do today.
Chris is making the lessons interesting and challenging at the same time. After each exercise I feel the results.

“I recommend this exercise to everyone beginner or advanced”

October 21, 2015

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