Worthing's Premium Gymnasium


Testimonial / February 25, 2020

Chris is a great personal trainer who has expert knowledge and supportive client-care.
I started one-to-one FitVibe training with Chris to help me lose weight and to become physically healthier.

I was impressed with the weight loss and body measurement results after a couple of months. I like that my program is tailored to my specific needs as well as getting an all body workout.


Chris is friendly, and makes the workout sessions fun with diverse intense exercises; it’s definitely not boring! He’s taught me the importance of correct exercise technique. Chris is genuinely interested in helping others to achieve their targets; the encouragement and motivation he gives me to push harder and train past my comfort level has made me achieve what I thought was impossible.
Chris has helped me to improve my diet and eating lifestyle, as well as positively changing my attitude about exercising.

“I would definitely recommend Chris to anyone”