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- Rick Howard

On1 Fitness Personal Trainer
Rick Howard

Rick Howard

Body Builder, Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor ‘It's Your Body, The Way You Want It’ Rick is a friendly and dedicated Personal Trainer & Coach. Originally from London he has well over 12 solid years experience in physical training and transformations. Rick has helped hundreds of clients over the years to achieve and exceed their goals, including; Royal Marines, Navy Officers, Army recruits, Pilots, Cabin Crew, Bodybuilders, Office workers, Homemakers, International business CEO’s, Teachers, Retired pensioners, Doctors, Athletes, Parents, Students, Personal Trainers, Brides, Grooms, Yoga instructors, Authors, and many many other types of real people just like you who want to make a change. Rick also prides himself on specialising in coaching the over 40's to regain their younger self. No matter what your age, gender, identity or goal, Rick can certainly help you.

1. I’ve lost over 5 stone (32kg) of body fat and reversed my Diabetes diagnosis
2. I absolutely love Stand-up comedy
3. I am a published poet
4. I don’t drink alcohol or smoke
5. I lived in the South of France in the 90’s
6. I’m Dyslexic but have an interest in languages and studied Polish, French, and British Sign Language
7. I have an irrational fear of birds
8. I love riding my motorbike (except when it’s raining)
9. I am a qualified Counsellor
10. I’ve been hypnotised live on stage by Paul McKenna