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Testimonial / April 3, 2020

The middle age spread had firmly started to set in and I was becoming more and more self conscious of my growing body.

I made the decision to get fit. In January 2018 I started with a weekly spin class at Ocean Fitness. Very hard to start with but as the weeks went on I got more and more addicted to it. I was getting the bug.

I then met Matt the PT there and decided to sign up for some 121 sessions. Part of this was to take a fitness age test. Although my overall fitness age was 41 my body was at the age of a 69 year old with nearly 25% body fat.

That really shocked me.






Before and After

With weekly spin classes, Rabble session and also being out on my bike most weeks the weight fell off and the fat started to disappear. To an extent that within 3 months my body fat had reduced by 6% and weight by over a stone.












Once I had got to my optimum weight and body fat percentage, Matt then altered my program to concentrate on strength and toning. This has also made a massive change to my body with muscle build and body shape changing.
I continue to keep fit now and am hitting so many goals. I feel in such a great place physically and mentally.
Matt really has been the driving force behind this. His programs, diet tips, constant encouragement really has been amazing and I

“couldn’t have done this alone”