Morden's Only Independent Fitness Centre

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Membership

Payments, Stopping, and Re-Activating your Membership

  1. Membership dues will be collected by Direct Debit from your bank account on a Monthly basis
  2. If you wish to Stop your membership at any time you can do so by emailing: Admin@On1Fitness.co.uk you need to give 1 months notice of cancelation.
  3. You can Re-Activate your membership at any time online on our website, or in the Club.
  4. If you re-activate within 4 months you pay only a 50% re-activation fee to cover our Administration Costs
  5. If you re-activate after 4 months you will also need to attend an Induction to make sure you are up to date with our health and safety procedures, so the normal joining fee will be payable.
  6. To attend the gym, your membership payments must be up to date. You will be refused entry if you are in arrears. Payment of arrears can be made in the club or via phone
  7. You may bring a guest to the gym with you, and they will be charged £8 per visit.


  1. Purpose of Processing Personal Data: We collect personal data so that we can provide you with fitness services including gym membership, exercise classes, and personal training.
    We store CCTV images for the safety and security of our customers and staff.
  2. The Data Controller: Gymnasium Fix Limited, a company registered in England & Wales (company number 12257055). You can contact us at Admin@On1Fitness.co.uk
  3. Find out More: Please see our full privacy policy on our website here: Privacy Policy

Your Rights and Obligations

  1. Your Membership starts immediately from the date you accept these terms and complete your first payment.
  2. You are entitled to access and use the gym provided you continue to pay your Monthly Membership Amount
  3. You agree to abide by the Club Rules
  4. You agree to maintain a direct debit instruction with your bank for the Monthly Membership Amount.
  5. Subsequent Monthly Membership payments are due on the same day of subsequent months.
  6. If any payment due from you is returned unpaid or not honoured you will pay us on demand an administration fee of £20.
  7. You will be liable for any damage caused to our equipment or facilities through your negligent use.

Our Rights and Obligations

  1. We may terminate this Agreement and your Membership with immediate effect if you do not pay any applicable
    Joining and Administration Fee or Monthly Membership Amount when it falls due.
  2. We may terminate this Agreement and cancel your Membership with immediate effect on notice to you if you
    breach any of the Club Rules. In this event you will no longer be able to access any of our facilities and we will not give any refund.
  3. We may end or suspend your membership if we reasonably think that allowing your membership to continue would be dangerous to, or would have any kind of negative affect on the club, other members or our staff. This might include for example: (i) for safety reasons (ii) if you abuse the services or equipment we provide (iii ) abusive, threatening or violent behaviour towards another member or our staff (iv) vandalism or illegal activity.
  4. We may end your membership if you give us details which you know to be false when applying for membership and these false details may have reasonably affected our decision to grant you membership
  5. If we do not terminate your Membership if you breach any of the Gym Membership Rules, or if we give you extra time to pay if you do not pay your Joining Fee, Admin Fee or Monthly Membership Amount when it falls due, we may still subsequently enforce the terms of this Agreement.
  6. We may assign the benefit of this Agreement and our rights to a third party provided we give you notice and your rights under this Agreement will not be prejudiced.
  7.  Gymnasium Fix Limited Reg 12257055, its parent companies, its agents, employees and subcontractors are not liable for any loss, damage or theft of any of your property that you bring onto our premises. If such loss, damage or theft is caused by the negligent acts or omissions of Gymnasium Fix Limited or its agents, employees or subcontractors, our liability to you will be limited to £500.
  8. We may close all or part of our premises at our discretion with reasonable notice and for reasonable periods of time to carry out maintenance, repairs, refurbishment or cleaning or for other reasons outside of our control. We will not be responsible to you for not being able to access our facilities in these circumstances.
  9. We are not liable for any injury you suffer through the incorrect use of our equipment or facilities.
  10. We may make reasonable changes to Membership Rules and to the Membership Agreement terms and conditions at any time. We will send to you email confirmation of these new terms using the email address you last advised to us.
  11. Only you, the person named in this joining process, can benefit from this Agreement.
  12. If any of the terms of this Agreement are invalid, unenforceable or illegal the remaining terms can still be enforced.
  13. This Agreement is governed by the law of England and Wales.
  14. You should print a copy of this Agreement for future reference.

Additional Services

  1. Additional services (including, for example, Personal Training Sessions, Sports Therapy and Massage Therapy) which you contract for or agree to pay for, do not form part of your Membership Agreement and the Terms & Conditions of this Agreement will not apply to them.
  2. You should be aware that if you enter into any agreement for Additional Services, you are entering into an agreement with those individuals and not with Us.
  3. We do not accept any liability for any losses, damage, personal injury or other loss caused by any negligent act or omission of those providing the Additional Services which are specifically excluded from this Membership Agreement and We do not accept any responsibility for the same.
  4. We may provide induction services, fitness tests or personal reviews of your training needs. Those services are part of your Membership Agreement and nothing herein restricts the liability that we may have under your Membership Agreement for such services