Morden's Only Independent Fitness Centre

Shoulder Superset 2: Barbell Front Raise/upright Barbell Row


How to do it

Barbell Front Raise;

  1. With your feet shoulder-width apart, position your hands shoulder-width apart on the bar (any wider can injure the shoulder joint) and bring the bar to the front of your thighs.
  2. Lift slowly under control until the barbell reaches shoulder height. Slowly lower back to the start.

Upright Barbell Row;

Stand tall, holding a barbell or EZ-bar using an overhand grip with hands shoulder-width apart. (Alternatively, hold a dumbbell in each hand.) Keeping your chest up and your abs braced, raise the bar or weights to your shoulders, leading with your elbows. Keep the lifting stage smooth to avoid excess strain on your wrists, elbows or shoulder joint. Pause in this top position, focusing on squeezing your traps as hard as possible, then slowly lower the weight back to the start position.